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How can Random Icon help game developers?

We all know how popular skill tree calculators are on the PC, and many game developers have already made them freely available on the web.

But what about mobile devices? They represent a big, as yet untapped, market. Offer a phone or tablet app to your gamers and it means that – while they’re building their skill trees – you, the developer, will be building customer loyalty and a new level of immersion in your latest RPG.

And best of all, you don’t have to do it yourself. I have a track record of success in skill tree calculators for Android that’s pretty much second to none. Apps from Random Icon are proven and get ecstatic reviews from satisfied users.

Check out the benefits

Added value

Offer something your competitors don’t – a developer endorsed “character planning” app specifically designed for Android, the most popular, fastest growing mobile platform in the world.

Flexible and fast

Brief me on your Android app project and I can work to tight timescales and deadlines. Thanks to a common core extensible Java library, all the elements are already in place and flexible enough to cope with any implementation of the skill tree concept.

Single source

You’ll always deal with me, the sole developer. That means a direct line of communication and any alterations or enhancements can be quickly and efficiently carried out.

Satisfaction guaranteed

The basic programming is already proven, refined over time and through feedback from users. Game players consistently refer to build-quality, speed and stability as reasons they are glad they invested in a Random Icon app rather than settling for inferior free alternatives.

Happy customers

Reviews for apps from Random Icon on Google Play have averaged over 4.5 out of 5 since the week the first one was launched. For example, 25,000 users have installed the Rift app with around 2,000 paying to unlock the full featured version.

Optimised for phones and tablets

Tablet users won’t get fobbed off with what is essentially a phone app. My programs have been properly developed to scale up for Android tablets ever since the devices first appeared.

Great opportunity

With a character planning app, your customers will be getting extended play time on your game, even when they’re not in front of their console or PC. On the bus, in their lunch hour, in the bar – whenever they have timeout, they can be planning their strategies for when they get home. It’s the kind of commitment and immersion from game players that developers dream of.