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WildStar Action Set Builder

In WildStar, every skill point matters. With the WildStar Action Set Builder, made just for your Android phone or tablet, you can spend all the time you need – wherever you are – meticulously planning your builds.

An exact replica of the in-game Action Set Builder

You’ll find the Random Icon version of the Action Set Builder instantly familiar. That’s because it's built from the ground up to look and feel like the builder from WildStar itself, including pop-up tooltip information that even works with a Samsung S-Pen.

WildStar Action Set Builder App Screenshot

Fully featured, silky smooth and beautifully rendered

There are so many benefits to choosing a professionally produced app like WildStar Action Set Builder. First of all it works as sweetly and seamlessly as the builder you’re used to in the game itself.

Secondly, it gives you loads of choices (especially with the paid version) like the ability to save different builds and send them via your favourite social network such as Facebook, Twitter or email.

Thirdly, it’s been built from the ground-up for Android and works as well on tablets as it does on phones.

Last but not least, this app is pretty much future-proof. You won’t be shelling out for updates – automatic patches and hotfixes come via the internet. What’s more, Random Icon is at work on future features to improve the experience even more. So go on, plan a life on Nexus on your Android device!

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