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Guild Wars 2 Dye Almanac

If you love to personalize your Guild Wars characters, you’ll love this app. Specifically designed for Android phones and tablets, it’s devoted 100% to the range of dyes available in the game, and shows every permutation.

Want to see what Truffle looks like on leather, or Mint Breeze on cloth – you’ve got it. Browse and preview everything from the 21 starter colors to all the rarest dyes, and plan how to give your character the sartorial edge, whether they’re chilling out around town or hacking it out on the battlefield.

Guild Wars 2 Dye Almanac App Screenshot

An Android app to dye for

A key feature of the app is that it makes searching, sorting and previewing the dyes so simple – far simpler than in the game itself. You can search simply by entering a name or part name, and sort by name, hue or lightness. It’s like having a series of interactive swatch cards that can be swiped through smoothly to find just the right colors and combos you are looking for.

Best of all for Android phone and tablet owners, the Guild Wars 2 Dye Almanac has been designed from the ground up for the world’s favourite mobile operating system. It looks fantastic on the phone with excellent color rendering, and scales up perfectly on a tablet screen.

And once you’ve bought the Dye Almanac you can look forward to even more features in the future at no extra cost. At Random Icon we’re planning a whole host of upgrades to give you the ultimate choice, control and color accuracy over your dye selection and planning.

Remember it’s clothes that maketh the Man, Charr, Asura, Norn or Sylvari.

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