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I’m genetically programmed… to program.

Hello, everybody. My name is Zulaxia and I’m addicted to programming.

I’ve been hooked on programming languages since the age of seven when I got my first computer. While other kids were playing games, I was writing them. On my BBC Micro, on an Amstrad CPC and on the legendary Amiga 500.

I wrote text and graphical adventure games before graduating to turn based strategy. Then I grew up, and studied Cybernetics and Computer Science at University.

And all the time I was thinking of applications and gaming concepts.


The arrival of mobile devices as the primary computing experience has been the dawn of a new era for me and the reason I founded Random Icon. Since 2008 I’ve been concentrating on Android, creating apps that make gaming even more fun, mainly in the RPG genre.

The Rift Soul Builder was the first one, and others have followed. I put everything I’ve got into my apps. Even when cooking for my kids I’m mulling over concepts and hoping for that Eureka moment. (Don’t worry, they understand).

I like to think that’s why people generally give such good reviews for my apps. More goes into them, so they get more out – whether on a phone, tablet or somewhere in between.

So there you have it: a tiny glimpse into the state of mind of a dedicated (obsessive) developer. If you’d like to get in touch – with suggestions, observations, questions or just to chat – I’d love to hear from you via any of the usual channels below.

Good gaming,